Friday, 20 March 2009

Who let the dogs out?

Well I am afraid the huge lion dog/Beast of Dave continues to roam the area.

Two weekends ago it mauled another dog and was taken away in a van (I guess this was by some kind of official rather than a random bloke in a van who wanted a dog the size of a small horse?).

Later on the owner went out and came back - with the dog.

It was out again on Sunday and the police attended.

Well I say 'the police' but actually they sent a 'Community Support Officer' who looked about 12 and was, get this, FRIGHTENED OF DOGS. I know that because she told me.


Every other question I asked her was met by a 'I don't know, I'll have to ask the Sergeant' whilst avoiding eye contact and mumbling. I'd like to see her take on a pack of rowdy yobs....

The Community Support Officer got the owner to catch the dog (this involved a lot of running up and down the road with kids screaming and the blokes from the kebab shop looking like there were going to do something with a very big knife) and gave him the fearsome news that:

'We've been out to this before, okay? You really are going to have to stop it getting out, okay?'.

Strike fear into any hardened criminal that would.

So roll on Tuesday and I get back from my eye-jiggling session (which is going very well, thank you) to be greeted by a neighbour shrieking 'it's out again! The dog! THE DOG!' and sure enough, it's up the road, waiting at the level crossing (perhaps it fancied popping up to Stanstead Airport and catching some winter sun? What with pet passports and all that?).

The level crossing lifted and it went and lay down in the sunshine. Across the railway tracks.

I was envisaging a derailment but just before the barriers went down, it caught site of another dog and it was off - in hot pursuit.

Various scenes ensued - the ones that are fixed in my mind are thinking I was about to see something akin to a lion shredding up an antelope - right outside my window - and a man, not unlike Phil Mitchel, running down the road with a plank of wood and a rolled up newspaper (I would hazard a guess it was the Sun) and joining the melee (of pensioners and small dog and big dog and teeth and spit) and kicking the hell out of the big dog and saving the little one. He looked like he has plenty of experience at kicking the sh1t out of things.

There was a lot of all round fury and a lot of calls to the police.

Who showed up about 3 hours later after everyone had gone, knocked on the owner's door (he was out) and left again.

Where is this going to end??

Word is spreading and people with dogs/small children are already avoiding our street.

For me, that is not an option.


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