Sunday, 29 March 2009

Go West...

Life is peaceful there.

Erm, no.

If there is one thing my childhood home is not - it is peaceful.

Anyway I have to go 'home' today and shall be living in the middle of a field miles from civilization for the rest of the week.

They do now have internet access in the said field so hopefully I will be able to blog (and my family home always provides good blog fodder - when I was there last summer my father ran through the kitchen wearing nothing but a nightie and holding a shotgun whilst shouting 'THERE'S A RAT, THERE'S A F***ING RAT ON THE NUTS!' - he was referring to the bird nuts by the way, just incase you were alarmed), although I am a little bit nervous about using my father's laptop for the purpose. I shall have to be very careful. Very careful indeed.

He's got enough on his plate without checking his history and inadvertently discovering that the piercing of his left testicle and attempts at strangling my brother, have been openly discussed with several hundred random strangers on the internet.....

Anyway - I'm wishing my self Bon Voyage - several hundred miles alone with 2 small children can be wearing. They usually get to the end of the street before starting to enquire if we are nearly at Grandma's house yet. Where's my headphones?

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  1. I don't think I can cope without this blog for the rest of the week...