Sunday, 4 January 2009

So there goes the festivities....bring on 2009!

So here we are. The end of the 'Festive Season'. Well it is here anyway. I had enough of the children chasing each other through the lower branches of the Christmas Tree and using the beads as snakes, so it's all been thrown into the garden ready to be sawn up and put in the green waste bin (the tree that is - the children are in bed). My OH is in charge of the sawing so I expect it will take place in around March....but don't hold your breath. It might just sit there until the forces of nature take hold and turn it into compost. I'm still waiting for the skirting board in the kitchen to be stuck back on - and that fell off in about 2003, and the situation with the shower head, curtain rail, bedroom light and living room lamp got so pressing that I had to actually beg a friend to loan me her husband.

Anyway, I hope everyone liked their presents. It can be so hard to get it right but I do love being able to do nice things for people I care about and I'm very thankful for everything I got. Of course sometimes it can and does go horribly wrong (I won't even mention gifts from my Special Pasta SIL here because she doesn't even try and get them right. Or in fact doesn't even get them, as was the case this year).

I will never forget the Christmas when my Granny opened a present from her (so called) best friend only to find it was a book about Witch Craft and finding your inner witch. Bearing in mind my Granny is a woman of floral pinnies and pastry making and anti-macassars - I don't think it was quite her cup of tea. Still, the rest of us laughed until we cried and then laughed some more.

When I was about 12 the same Granny made my Christmas Day memorable for all the wrong reasons. She decided to buy me a bra. Eeeehhh - I'm cringing typing this. So RIGHT in the middle of the peek of my hormonal shame and awkward phase I sit in front of my mum, dad and brother and tear open a pink bra (which, for some reason, was decorated with boats - perhaps she hoped I'd court a sailor?). I blushed crimson and tried to stuff it down the side of the sofa but oh no, Granny wanted to make sure everybody knew what a (direct quote) 'big girl I was now' and announced to the whole room 'ooohhh look everyone, she's got a BRASSIERE! HOLD IT UP NOW. Ooooh what a BIG girl you are now!'. Gulp.

My mum has a habit of getting me make up - which is lovely because I love make up. It's just a bit 'hmm' that it nearly always has 'not for re-sale' written on the bottom of it and is a free gift with purchase.... God love her. Then there was the year she decided to 'adopt' me a dormouse as some kind of nature conservation scheme. A lovely idea, except I didn't quite 'get' it at the time and on opening the envelope got very confused and said 'mum, what's this? You've given me one of your letters by accident instead of my present. Something about bloody dormice....'. Once again - gulp.

Anyway the Festive Frenzy is over and although it was all lovely, I have to say I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of normal life. Or however normal life can be around here.

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