Sunday, 11 January 2009

Baby Dave

In the town where I live a LOT of the males are called Dave. Probably around 85.5% (well maybe).

My neighbour's son is called Dave.

The man who cuts my other neighbour's lawn is called Dave.

The pub landlord is called Dave.

The man who runs the corner shop is called Dave.

The man in the street always seems to be shouting at Dave.

So it shouldn't have surprised me when my eldest son ran into my bedroom shouting 'Mummy, mummy! The baby is talking!! He can save DAVE!'.

And sure enough - it would appear that my baby's 4th word (after 'mamma', 'dadda' and 'car') is indeed DAVE. He crawls around saying 'Dave! Dave! Dave!' which makes his brother roar with laughter, so he says it some more.

Should I brace myself for the next one being 'Chas'? (Altogether now 'Down to Margate......').


  1. Didn't 'that baby' say 'train' in front of me at your front door the other day! That would make 'Dave' his fifth word, still it's pretty impressive :) I'm imagining him walking around on his knee's yelling DAVE!

  2. Oh yes, he can say train too - and 'ham'. He'll be going over the pub soon and asking 'Dave' for a 'ham' sarnie. On his knees of course, because he can't be bothered to walk....