Monday, 19 January 2009

Dave (Return to the Source)

Further to my previous post on the prevalence of Daves, I've just been over 'Dave's' shop for a Monday night fix of a 4 pack of Strongbow. What is it about Monday nights? Give me credit though - I'm only going to drink 2 cans and I'm turning them in to shandys (WOOO HOOO - such a paragon of healthy living aren't I!?).

Anyway Dave was, as usual, smoking in his back room and singing badly to 80's rock songs. He came out and, on seeing me, immediately rang the price of a 4 pack of Strongbow through before my hand even fell upon the fridge door..... I would have blushed but shame is beyond me after the last few years (you have to remember that this man has seen me naked on a stretcher wearing nothing but blood and an NHS blanket, and has also had an interesting 'debate' with me about whether or not my lottery ticket was a winning one, but the less said about that episode the better. The naked bloodbath was more dignified).

So I put my 4-pack on the counter with my very virtous DIET lemonade.

£5.35 said Dave.

Oh I said (glancing down at the £5 I was holding with no access to any further funds).

Dave raised an eyebrow.

There was a time he would have told me to bring in the 35p tomorrow but he's been wary since the lottery ticket fight, sorry 'debate'.

He speaks.

'There's nothing wrong with the Happy Shopper' - and points to the back of the shop.

So I take the 'walk of shame' and exhange my White's lemonade for the Happy Shopper one.

Dave has spoken and his word is law.

And the shandy is fine.

Especially when it's 90% Strongbow.....

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