Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008....

Well Christmas passed surprisingly sanely (I did in fact fear, at one point, that certain members of my family have been reading this Blog.....) so here we go, hurtling into 2009.

Goodbye 2008, a memorable year I feel.

A year in which:

- I was officially declared sane. Even if it was by a very strange man in slip-on loafers, a shiny grey suit and dodgy tash.
- I watched my kid brother get married (sniff sniff - it was amazing).
- I watched my 'special pasta' SIL get married (it was, erm, 'interesting').
- I got up before 6am more times that I would consider desirable.
- I buried more guinea pigs than I would consider desirable.
- I cleaned up more poo than I would consider desirable.
- I fought a plague of rats and won (well I hope I won).

and a whole host of other stuff which I'm too tired to recall.

You see, right about now, it's midnight.

Shouldn't I be standing under a clock singing?

Or dancing on a podium with a strange grin on my face?

Or kissing my husband and shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR?

Or standing in KFC crying really hard about I don't know what?

Or trying to stop my friend, whose been on the Diamond White since 4pm, from smacking her boyfriend and throwing herself in the river (been there, done that, wouldn't recommend it - I still have the scars where she bit me and do you think she thanked me for my kind intervention? Did she hell!).

Well no, I am doing none of those things.

I am sat, alone, in my front room, watching New Year's Eve 'specials' which were probably recorded in August, while my sick husband and children sleep upstairs and vast amounts of local 'revelers' (i.e. p1ssheads) gather outside my house singing, throwing fireworks and shouting such jovial tidings of goodwill as 'get in the farkin' motor you dozy mare'.

But the thing is I don't actually care. Deep down I'm happy and I don't think spending £50 on a night sure to end in tears, dodgy takeaways and a hangover would make me feel any better (although if anyone would like to donate £50 so that I can check out this hypothesis, then I would carry out the experiment, purely in the name of scientific research of course...).


Here's hoping that 2009 is as entertaining as ever.....


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