Monday, 5 January 2009

Brushing your hair with a banana.... NOT a good idea.

But if your 16 months old why, in all honesty, would you give a fig?


Both my kids have curly hair (they've inherited it from their father - a man who, when I met him, could give Brian May a run for his money in terms of the crazy hair stakes) but the youngest one has taken it to a whole new level. It's like a blonde afro but the hair itself is very, very, VERY fine. Fine as in a thin hair shaft. Not fine as 'you is lookin' FINE'. This fineness means that just a tiny bit of friction (as in thrashing around in your cot like a loon at 3am demanding the return of your dummy/mangy rag (sorry 'comfort blanket')/Iggle Piggle/teething gel/drugs/delete as applicable) and his hair goes from 'abundant ringlets of a cherub' to 'carpet' in one easy step.

And when I say 'carpet' - I'm not talking best shagpile. I'm talking nasty old pub carpet. Carpet that people have been sick on. Because as well as rubbing it all up the wrong way, he is also sick on it AND he also tries to brush it with a banana.

He looks like a blonde Russell Brand. Without the eyeliner. Or the indecent-sex-phonecall-windup-Jonathan Ross Scandal-thing.

I've applied large amounts of Herbal Essences to it tonight (please don't tell the 'thou shalt not touch my infant with anything but the organic tears of a virgin goat milked by phosphate free nuns' brigade') and I hope that in the morning he will be restored to his former glory. If not, I've just drunk a 4 pack of Strongbow so, come the morning, I doubt I will care what his carpet, sorry 'hair'- looks like.

He is beautiful though- really...


  1. What a lovely picture of you both! At least there's no banana IN his hair, well not in the picture anyway.

  2. Awww thanks Ali! It was taken at my brother's wedding, I only got to see it last weekend. I love it because I remember being so happy and you can see it in the picture.