Wednesday, 14 January 2009

From the mouths of babes...

Picture the scene.

The packed fruit and veg aisle in the very big Tesco here.

2 delightful young boys stuffed in the front seats of the trolley.

The older boy (the one who can say more than 'Dave') says 'mummy, why are you wearing Daddy's chain?' (I was wearing a long silver chain, tucked down my top).

I say 'ohhh no, that's not Daddy's, it's mine. Look it's got a silver leaf on the end' and pull it out.

Eldest son says, very very loudly, 'oh yes mummy, I see, it was just............... TANGLED UP IN YOUR NIPPLES'.

Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Where do they get these ideas from? And, for the record, no - it wasn't!

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  1. Vic, I am now practically wetting myself having caught up with a week of your blog in 10 minutes!