Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Mystery of Michael Jackson

In case it has escaped your notice, Michael Jackson - the King of Pop - has died.

Even my 4 year old has noticed - how could he not? And this provoked, yet another, 'interesting' discussion about 'passing away' (to see previous forays into this area I suggest you check out the demise of Satchmo ). It went something like this:

Son: Mummy?

Me: Yes darling dearest?

Son: Who is Michael Jackson?

Me: Well he was a very, very famous pop singer'.

Son: Why is he always on the news?

Me: Err well he's died now.

Son: Why?

Me: Erm, he was quite old (if you are 4 then 50 is ancient I am sure) and he got very poorly.

Son: Couldn't the doctors make him better?

Me: Well no and I think he might have taken some medicine that he shouldn't have taken.

Son: Was it the medicine that I have? To help my poo come out?

Me: I very much doubt it.

Son: So did his poo come out Ok then?

Me: Yes (although, to be fair, I have no idea whether or not constipation was a problem for dear Michael and I have no inclination to Google it).

Son: What was it for then?

Me: Problems. A lot of problems.

Son: But not poo?

Me: No, not poo.

Son: Is that Michael Jackson?

Me: (looking up to see Gordon Brown on the screen) Erm, no.

Son: Is that man dead too?

Me: Well not exactly.

Son: Is everyone on the news dead?

Me: No. Obviously not.

Son: Just Michael Jackson?

Me: Erm, probably.

Son: Is Michael Jackson with Satchmo now? And Rhy's cat? And that rat that was all stiff on the patio that Daddy found?

Me: Erm (once again) probably.

Son: Can we see him or is he too tiny?

Me: He's too tiny.

(At this moment some news commentator states that 'it was when Michael Jackson performed on stage that he really came alive') .

Son: Ahh it's alright mummy - he's come back to life now. They just said.

So that's alright then.....


  1. Hmm yes we too have had the continuous questions re Michael Jackson.. mine are 2, 7, and 8 but i have to say.. some of the things they come out with are so hilarious i just never want to forget them, i would love to save all these hilarious moments including the time when son stands with eyes shut and says " mummy i cant see my eyes" and put them in a box for a rainy day.. they would be sure to make us laugh for years to come. xx

  2. I have 3 boys 13, 11 and 8 and they all keep asking questions about Michael Jackson, but they get upset when the kids at school come out with sick jokes etc,
    My oldest said at least now your Elvis has someone sensible to talk to in heaven,

  3. Oh, I LOVE the idea of Elvis being someone sensible for MJ to talk to in heaven...

    As my Facebook friend said, Michael Jackson is dead. Weird. That made more sense without the full stop in the middle.

    Hope that doesn't offend anyone...

  4. oh bless him how did u manage to keep a straight face

  5. 'mummy I can't see my eyes!' - brilliant! Someone told me I should buy a cheap diary and write down the things they come out with so I never forget but I never got round it - I guess this blog is a testament to their childhood instead (oh dear!!).

  6. LOL!! Brilliant. Bless him :)

  7. The innocence of childhood lol

  8. Oh thats just hysterical!!

    Bless you for bringing us this blog x