Saturday, 9 May 2009

While I Was Away....

I'm back.

I am in one piece - if a little damp (it rained, solidly, for 6 whole days and nights), my children are asleep and I am sure will take away happy memories of the whole affair (most notably, apparently, spotting lorries on the M1 - well the M1 is a thrill a minute to some people) and I have been missed (well at least one person missed me - and one is enough in my book). In a moment I shall be posting about my 'jolly japes' while I was away.

In the meantime I ask you to refer back to the post I made prior to going away. The one about how people find this blog and scary Google searches that end up here.

On my return I have done a quick check and how did the last person to look at this blog get here?

By Googling the following statement:

"peeing when needing to wee again causes"


Sorry but WHAT!?!?!?

So lets get this right - you need to wee and then you, erm, pee.

And you want to know the 'cause' of this manifestation?

I am guessing that the cause is (brace yourself) YOU NEED A WEE AND THEN YOU DO ONE.

No wonder you ended up at this blog. You are indeed Slightly South of Sanity as I very much doubt anybody has published a research paper on the topic of 'peeing when needing to wee again causes of'.

My advice to you, in this most complex of cases, is: go to the toilet if you need a wee.

Great -is this blog actually going to become world renowned as a place about pee? I should hope not. I have far greater matters to speak about. Like my balls and dead pets.

And on that note I shall go and write a post about my holiday (during which no balls died and all pets were very well restrained).