Sunday, 31 May 2009

Side Effects May Include.....

Someone close to me (who shall remain unidentified to protect him and his nether regions) is recovering from surgery to a rather precious part of his body and last week he informed me that rediscovering this blog (rediscovering? REdiscovering? He should have been supporting the home team and reading daily - tut tut) made him laugh so hard that he feared he'd burst his stitches.....

The next thing I heard he'd been re-admitted to hospital and now has his arse packed with seaweed.


Apparently this is a very expensive special kind of a seaweed the NHS occasionally fork out for in order to create miraculous healing. It's not just a handful of kelp gathered from the Bristol Channel (well hopefully not).

I've heard the expression 'side splitting' but 'bum splitting'. Oh dear, oh dear.

Anyway - seriously mate - get well soon. We are all thinking of you - and your arse.

And to any of you carrying any physical complaints that won't withstand much pressure - you have been warned......

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