Sunday, 1 February 2009

Reading - the greatest gift of all?

Sorry for the silence. I have been at my mother-in-laws in 'The Land That Time Forgot' (more on that later this week) but I'm now back.

While walking through the 'The Land That Time Forgot' with my young son this morning he was intrigued to see a car totally covered in mud. My dad would tut and shake his head in sorrow at his 'townie' upbringing (i.e. he is used to seeing cars where you can actually see some of the paintwork) but, to a 4 year old boy not living in the rural wilds, it is an interesting site.

What was even more interesting was that somebody had done 'graffiti' in the mud on the back windscreen. You know - the kind of comical jape along the lines of 'Also available in white!' or 'I am the Stig!' or, the even funnier, 'You think I'm dirty? You should see the wife!'. Oh how I roar to see such hilarity!

Anyway - in this case, the 'artist' had written only 4 letters.

4 letters which intrigued my young son.

'Look mummy! T! T for train!'.

'Erm, yes it is a T' (at this point I'm forcefully dragging him by his arm, trying to get him past the car, but it is too late.....).







Oh dear god. Why!? Why? This is the same child who when you point to his own name will say 'train!' so why does he decide to actually read right at this very moment?

'Mummy, why does it say Twat on that car? What is it? Is it the man's name?'.

'Very probably, darling, very probably.....'.

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  1. OMG you really have the mark of genius you do realise that!

    Very good !