Friday, 6 February 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful

You may have noticed that it has been snowing.

I would have been out playing in it but unfortunately I caught a stomach bug (either that or my mother-in-law poisoned me) and ended up being very sick while my children stared whistfully out of the windows and sobbed to make snowmen. Ah the stuff that memories are made of.....

20 years time:

Friend: 'Do you remember when we were little and there was that amazing snow and everyone got off school and we made HUGE snowmen? Ah that was the best!'.

My Eldest Son: 'Yeah, I remember that. My mum had her head down the loo all day, occasionally wandering past in her vomit splattered dressing gown and groaning, whilst me and my kid brother were incarcerated in the living room with 12 solid hours of Cbeebies. Poor kid got so hungry he ate a packet of candles......'

Never mind hey, I'm up and about now. If you go past my house you'll notice I've even managed to play in the front garden - unfortunately I was in the car at the time and had just driven it straight through the garden fence......

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