Sunday, 15 February 2009

'Yes My Name is Iggle Piggle'...

Son no. 2 is obsessed with Iggle Piggle. If you have escaped Iggle Piggle and his slightly camp dancing then I can inform you that he is a bright blue figure from the children's TV show 'In the Night Garden' - a show which makes the Clangers appear positively sane and speaking the Queen's Own English. Anyway - the sight of Iggle Piggle (or IP as I shall henceforth refer to him) sends him into a frenzy of delight and stops him crying, so we tend to see a lot of him.

I've picked up an awful habit from my mother of singing very loudly at random moments, usually in a totally inappropriate operatic tone (my mum used to shimmy across the kitchen singing the Spice Girls' 'if you want to be my lover - zig a zig AAAAAAAAA' in the style of a female Pavarotti). So it was last week that I found myself on the doorstep, trying to move the buggy out of the door backwards, singing very very loudly in a strangely posh voice:


(I really held that last note).

I nearly jumped clean out of my skin when I heard:

'Is it alright if I pop in and read your meter love?' and there, standing directly behind me, was the electricity meter man.


Well at least he didn't refer to me as Iggle Piggle. Maybe it will appear on my next bill?

Let's hope he doesn't talk to the Virgin Engineer Man or not only will I not receive many callers but I'll probably also find the men in white coats back on the phone asking if I may have stopped my medication a little to soon.

Before I leave the subject of IP, I'm planning on making an IP cake for Son no. 2's birthday - which isn't until August but hey, I like to plan ahead (and then generally do sweet FA about it) - mainly because it stops me from getting on with what actually needs to be done today.

In order to waste time, sorry 'plan effectively', I decided to search the Net for inspiration and there are some amazing cakes out there. I could never manage this but it's an excellent likeness and shows a huge amount of talent (and rather too much time on one's hands she says in a fit of jealous seething):

My cake will look nothing like that, I can assure you. There is more chance of it looking like the poor chap below. Apologies to whoever made this but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. The way the blue icing has been thrown on in what looks like a fit of rage, the way the number 2 is thrust through his heart and the fact that there is a large knife left only millimeters from IP's head all comes together to make me thing it was not the most positive cooking experience of your life? As my OH said 'it looks like he's just thrown himself off the top of a very tall building'. Maybe he heard my singing.....

I will of course post a picture of my own attempt in August. You had better brace yourselves for a jolly good laugh and for the pic above to go up in your estimation considerably.