Sunday, 15 February 2009

To My Followers

Wow - this blog only started at the end of last year and already I have been absolutely overwhelmed by comments, emails and remarks made by people about how much they are enjoying reading it.

Thank you so much - I really do appreciate every single one of them and it is a real pleasure to be able to brighten people's days up. I do get faintly embarrassed when people say nice things - but it's a lovely feeling.

Occasionally people confess to me, almost guiltily, that they read my blog or have recommended it to a friend and ask 'do you mind?'. Of course I don't mind! I know I write about my flaws and embarrassing situations but if they are 'on here' I've deemed them fit for public viewing (makes you wonder what I deem 'unfit' doesn't it!?).

I take it as an absolute honour and a privilege that people take the time to read this and I love it when new people appear on my 'Followers' sidebar.

So THANK YOU! And the more the merrier - here's hoping the rest of 2009 carries on a similarly crazy fashion (which juding on the previous years which make up my lifetime, is pretty much guaranteed!).

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