Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Very Windy Day

Yesterday's diet consisted of:

  • Large portion of lentil and nut loaf.
  • Two very very large portions of vegetable soup (containing peppers which, it appears, I can not digest effectively).
  • For snacking - a large bag of 'ready to eat!' prunes.
  • Extreme Gales (verging on hurricane force).

And for an evening activity:
  • Aerobics (this is the class that previously went by the name 'Pump Squat Pee'. I think it will now need to be renamed. 'Kung Fu Kick and Fart' would probably be a good starting point).
What was I thinking?

It was the point where the instructor asked us to start raising our legs high in the air (like a dog trying to pee) and kick hard, that I knew things were heading for disaster.

And all set to Tiffany's 1980's hit 'I think we're alone now'.

No Tiffany, I don't think I was alone - but as soon as the turned the music off I certainly was 'running just as fast as we can'.

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