Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Balls are Bothering Me (again)

Well you may recall the debacle between me and my balls (birth balls that is). Particularly the one that wouldn't stay firm however hard I pumped it.

My ball and I parted company and off it went to be replaced by the ball supplier.

And then?

Then - nothing. Zilch. Nadda.

I am ball-free and not loving it. My ball bag is empty.

So I braced myself and contacted the supplier.

Now my previous ball-orientated conversation with them was so cringe worthy that I chickened out and emailed. I explained the situation and how I was still waiting for my new improved balls to be delivered.

Their reply makes interesting reading:

Dear Madam,

Thank you for your email regarding your faulty balls.

I am afraid that we have no record or trace of your balls arriving at this office.

Could you please confirm how they were packaged and whether or not your name was clearly printed on them,

Thank you,


My reply reads:

Dear Angela,

Thank you for your email regarding my missing balls.

They were posted back to you in a sack - a black bin bag to be precise. I know this isn't ideal but due to their size there was nothing else to hand which could contain them. They were securely wrapped in duct tape so should not have broken free.

My full name and address were clearly attached. They were clearly mine.

I suppose it is possible that the packaging may have caused confusion and someone has mistaken my balls for rubbish and thrown them out? Maybe you could ask around the office to see if any staff recall having contact with them.

I look forward to your reply - I have proof of postage and I need them back A.S.A.P as I will need to use them soon.



I will let you know what Angela and her colleagues have to say about that...

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