Saturday, 20 March 2010

Life, Death and Love

Hello people.

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. Firstly I've had trouble getting on the internet full stop and then, even when I have, I've been too tired to actually type. I think if I could use one word to describe my current state it would be 'brittle'. I think that's like fragile but with harder edges. I feel so tired that I forget what I'm saying mid-sentence. I leave the keys in the car ignition and find out in the morning I've forgotten to take my clothes off when I went to bed.

I think the last year (or should that be years?) are catching up with me a bit now that I'm in a better place. They say that when you are going through things you kind of run on adrenaline and somehow cope (I guess my coping includes being consigned to a psychiatric unit but we won't dwell on that....) and it's when the dust settles that your body and mind go 'urgh'. A nice restful sunny summer should fix it.

On the better side of life I'm an Auntie! My brother and his wife (this is my lovely Sister in Law, not the 'Special Pasta' one - she hasn't any plans to breed - thank god. She's probably serve the baby up with raw onion and frozen mince) had a gorgeous baby boy 48 hours ago. This makes me very very happy indeed.

Meanwhile, the ceiling in the toddler's bedroom fell down and he's now sleeping in the office. The wall of the eldest son's bedroom was found to be rotten and he's now sleeping.......... IN OUR BLOODY BED. He doesn't make the best of bed partners. I wake up with his foot in my back. Or my face.

A bad bedfellow he might be, but he does provide me with a unique and rather lovely view of the world at times. As I'm beyond thinking this evening I shall present you with a summary of his thoughts on those things that make the world go round - namely Life, Death and Love.

On Life:

Me: Wow! Your baby cousin will be here soon! He's just getting ready to be born!
Him: When he comes out will the skin go back together?
Me: Erm, yes (sort of).
Him: I do know where the baby comes out you know.
Me: Do you? (Actually - why am I surprised. Given that this child has grown up in a house where a full set of graphic cross-sections of childbirth are kept beneath the sofa, including a rather fetching one of the baby's head rotating as it exits. We used to have a copy of 'Active Birth' in the bathroom but my OH was so alarmed by seeing that much pubic hair whilst cleaning his teeth that it was relocated to a locked cupboard).
Him: Yes mummy. That place which is SO hairy (does he read this blog?) AND has NO WILLY.

So there we have it.

On Death:

(Whilst feeding the 32 year old horse named Oscar who resides in a field behind my parent's house).

Him: Mummy why doesn't Oscar have shiny shoes on? (I'm guessing he means horse shoes here? Not patent Mary Janes?)
Me: Well he is VERY old so nobody rides him so he doesn't need shoes on. He just lives in this field.
Him: Yes, that's right. And soon he will die.
Me: Erm, yes, he will die one day (whilst thinking 'whhoooaaaa!').
Him: When he gets to the next number he will die (what? Is he some kind of horse prophet?)
Me: Maybe.
Him: But he won't mind.
Me: No that's right (he clearly knows more about horse after-life than I do).
Him: No he won't mind because all these years he's been stood in this field able to look at those telegraph poles and the pylons in the distance. That would make ANYONE happy. Anyone.


On Love:

Me: Now DON'T tell me anything about it but have you made anything at school this week to give me on Mother's Day?
Him: Yes. I've made you a card which is in my book bag and it's blue and on the front I have drawn you a BEAUTIFUL freight train diesel engine which is yellow and with a pylon in the background.

And he had.

Right I'm off to bed now to spend another night with the boy's (who loves me enough to draw me freight trains and believes that heaven lies at the feet of the pylons) feet in my face......


  1. Sleep well. Your boy is very wise for his age - love his outlook on life etc. - he'll do well.
    Sue xx

  2. Worth the wait!! PMSL at your son's philosophy on life :)