Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Expenses Scandal

I just had an expenses claim for the last course I taught returned to me with a query attached.

The query stated 'I think there may have been some confusion. Is this really what you offered the parents during the coffee breaks?'.

I was expecting the receipt to read something along the lines of:

2 packs of custard creams
2 packs of Hobs Nobs
Some random slightly posher chocolate biscuits.
80 PG Tips
and a jar of Kenco

The receipt actually read:

2 bottles of Merlot
Various varieties of humus
A crate of Strongbow


58 pull-up nappy-pants.

Oh dear god.

Putting right receipt in envelope - FAIL. Even I am blushing. A window into the reality of my life thrown wide.

The woman in charge of the expenses had then kindly written:

'You have not enclosed any receipts for your lunch allowance. I did try to work out a lunch claim for you from this, but I just couldn't. Please advise'.

Well I don't know, I've seen worse looking lunches......

Now I just need to try and find the original, correct receipt.

I maybe some time.....


  1. Oh I am crying at that :'(

  2. ROFL - AGAIN! Sounds like my kind of lunch!lol
    Sue xx

  3. I prefer your version to the actual biscuits and coffee.

  4. I'm OK with the wine, humus and strongbow - but what do the nappies taste like??

  5. You're really a politician aren't you.... go on, admit it... Where is the duck house?

    Hahahaha that really tickled me!!!

  6. I think you have been following the example of our esteemed members of parliament.

  7. Oh my ,that must have been um fun. Although thanks for the giggle