Thursday, 17 December 2009

And Now We Are One

Well here goes folks...... it appears that this time last year I was bathing a cushion in milk .

Crack open the Strongbow - the blog is a year today!

And what a year it's been. From stolen balls to deceased guinea pigs to gay cockerels to rat infestations to jumbo dogs to Mr Squirrel to too many toilet incidents to name to mangy muffs to moving house and now - starting again in Somerset. Phew.

There are people out there who had been badgering me to write a book or at least start a blog for a LONG time and I'm so glad I finally managed the blog part. It's been an absolute pleasure - I've laughed along with you, I've cried along with you and I'm now the proud owner of the number One Google Search result for 'Worst Iggle Piggle Birthday Cake' (seriously - try it!).


This blog started with just my OH and a couple of friends reading it and has grown through word of mouth to have had over 18,000 hits, almost 100 official followers and many many more who just 'pop in'.

Thank you to all of you - I seriously couldn't have done it or kept it up without you. Every single kind comment, belly laugh, little smile or request to someone else to have a look is very much appreciated.

Having said that, it is kind of strange having people sidle up to you at buffets and say 'I've read about you...... I know about your balls!' or being grabbed by people's mothers who declare 'I love your blog! Especially the gay cockerels!!' and knowing that they probably know more about me than my own mother - but I don't mind, honest (well as long as you're not the person who got here by searching for an image of 'sucked balls'. I can only hope they were somewhat disappointed.....).

Anyway - to all the people who really did want to find out how to bake an Iggle Piggle Cake (or in fact, look at sucked balls......), I'm sorry. Click again.

To everyone else - hang on to your seats, here comes The Terrible Twos.......


  1. I will be here with you through the TTs. I really enjoy reading your family escapades.

  2. Your's is the best mummy blog on the whole of the interwebs.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday!
    Looking forward to reading you in 2010.
    Merry Christmas.
    Sue xx

  4. Will be as hooked as ever - especially now you are far away in Somerset! Happy 1st Birthday Blog (maybe you could mark the occasion by baking a cake - ideas anyone!!)

  5. Happy Blogday and I look forward to reading many more stories of your adventures throughout 2010 With my OH fighting cancer you have made me laugh so much.
    God Bless you xx
    Barbara aka Sparkles

  6. Happy Blogday! I love reading your blog, I feel a keen sense of sistership!

  7. Sparkles - I'm so glad I've been able to make you laugh, even during such a difficult time. I will be thinking of you and your husband in 2010 and wish you all the very best.

    Lots of love

  8. I'm a relatively new follower but I must have my "fix" of your blog on a regular basis. You really make me laugh and yes, you should write a book! Happy Blog Birthday (albeit a bit late!)

  9. Hi Lynn - lovely to see you and thank you! xxx