Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Poison, Running Through My Veins.....

Conversation between my mother and I:



'What's that bush outside by the dustbin? The tall sort of pointy one in a pot?'

'It's a Bay'

'Oh. Right. As in 'bay leaves' you put in your cooking?'


'And that's what a Bay looks like is it?'


'Nothing else?'




'Well I don't know what the hell I was putting in our cooking for the 8.5 years we lived in our old house though but it sure as hell wasn't that'.


'There was a bush in our garden, sort of yellow and green and it smelled quite strong - the one the rabbit used to hide under (god rest is angry soul) so I sort of thought it was Bay and used to put the leaves in my cooking. I think I got the idea off Jamie Oliver but I didn't really get a good look at his bush - I just got the idea of the smell'

'Good god! It could have been poisonous!'.

'Well nobody died (apart from the rabbit) so hopefully it wasn't'.

'I suppose so - or maybe it was just mildly toxic and you were very lucky!'.

'Yeah - maybe'.

'What did it taste like?'

'I don't know! I just used the odd leaf to impart a hint of (toxic?) flavour! It wasn't like I was chucking huge handfuls in salads'.

'Well it's a good job you weren't'.

'Yeah. I'm not that mad......'

Mother sighs and turns back to the daily Su Duko.


  1. I'm just wondering- did you ever notice the difference in flavour with and without the "bay" leaves? One thing you should know with real bay leaves is you mustn't eat them - they are actually toxic if you eat the leaves (cooked or raw), but for some reason it is still ok to put them in food.

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