Sunday, 14 November 2010


Firstly can I just say a hand on heart thank you for all the messages of support after my rather surprising last blog post. It honestly really does make a huge difference, so thank you. Watch this space and come what may I'll promise to still try and entertain you - because if my life is one thing it is certainly never dull. Or even slightly ordinary.

Anyway - considering my current bed-state (i.e. sleeping with nothing but a rather threadbare stuffed Ted and long may it remain that way. Ahhh the bliss of lying diagonally across an entire double bed. Some people have to go to sleep on a mat on the floor, amidst a pile of blankets. Rather like a dog. But you make your bed and ye shall lie in it. Amen), I was rather surprised to open my eyes last week and be greeted by the sight of an erection.

And not just any erection.

A MIGHTY erection.

And not just any mighty erection, but a mighty erection with a blue band round the middle and a red end.


The erection was actually made entirely of Lego and had been hand crafted by my children (at something like 5am - but I'll forgive for that - this once) and as they gingerly held it aloft my Original Son informed me that it was 'The Tower of Love' and that they'd made it for me.

The Tower of Love (a rather fragile structure if ever I saw one) now stands beside my bed and serves as a reminder of the fact that however fragile love is, the love of your children is ever present and although being a parent is the hardest, most exhausting, most all consuming job you will ever do it is also the greatest privilege you will ever have. And to forget that or take it for granted would be the a very great mistake indeed.

So thank you to my children - for taking me to places I never dreamed or feared of going and carrying me on through it all, regardless, and out the other side. I could and would have never done it all without you and whatever I have lost for you, you have given me far, far more.

Now if you could just stay nice and asleep until the clock reads something more akin to 7 then I'd be just that'll tiny bit extra happy and less prone to shrieking, feeding you nothing but fishfingers and going out with odd shoes on.



  1. Aah bless! That is so touching - long may your tower of love survive. :)
    Sue xx
    p.s. children can be amazing can't they?

  2. I love to read your posts!! you always make me smile!it was a friend of mine who told me about your blog.
    With the title of this one well i just had to pop on!!!!!! he he!!!

  3. I just found you with your last blog post by random "next blogging". I admire how you "put it all out there". I was intriqued again with today's Erection. Aren't kids just grand? With daylight savings time ending last weekend our mornings have suffered much:)

  4. lol! You are gonna get one SHEDload of traffic here with a post heading like that!!!
    Ah, the sleeping diagonally position - my favourite - an almost impossible feat when you have another body to accommodate. Lately, however, and the only ONE upside to the Menopause, I can once again adopt this position - the other half now being relegated to another room due to many and varying in degrees hot flushes... long may your erection stand!

  5. as long as we have this thing called 'internet/website' we WILL survive
    It has saved me from certain MORE madness xxx

  6. could we have a picture of the colourful erection? The nation awaits...

    Fabulous blog...

  7. Oh, and my password to post my comment was 'ejecta'. Had a strong urge to misspell it...

  8. Woolly, seriously, you rock and so do your children. You are one talented writer and very strong woman x