Friday, 30 July 2010

Egg on Your Face (and everywhere else)

I had kind of hoped that after the last few years I had already reached the summit of public humiliation.
But no.
As I never actually get a proper holiday (as in one where you are relieved of some of your daily duties) I have a holiday project in progress whereby my children eat out as much as possible thus minimising the need for me to undertake such hideous chores as handling peanut butter and picking rice out from the cracks in the floorboards. For reasons of budget this means basically conducting a tour of supermarket cafes.
On Tuesday this project enabled me to reach new heights of shame when my youngest decided it appropriate behaviour to launch an egg mayonnaise sandwich over the railing in Sainsbury's Cafe.
This situation was made infinitely worse because of the fact that Sainsbury's Cafe is situated on a mezzanine floor, with lofty views across the shop floor, and the eggy-delight sailed onward and downward and into the newspaper stand.
A couple of slightly bemused gentlemen looked upwards but bearing in mind this Sainsbury's is nationally notorious for having had a robin living INSIDE the store (there were even Facebook campaigns dedicated to saving its life) they probably just presumed it was bird sh1t.
A woman behind me said 'ohhh you should slap him' but considering the fact that she had previously been wittering on about how the air ambulance was bringing 'outsiders' in to steal 'locals' hospital beds, I just scowled at her. She was actually outraged that she'd seen an air ambulance landing with 'Dorset' written on it. I mean the HORROR - people that might have been injured/fallen ill in a different county might CROSS THE BORDER and make use of a nationally funded major trauma centre...... That and the small issue that the air ambulance is actually called 'The Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance' and is funded by charitable contributions from both counties....... Hopefully she'll fall sick in Devon and they'll turn her away for not looking local enough.
Anyway from now on I think I'll avoid egg mayo. This isn't my first run in with it.
Back in the days when I was pregnant and commuting daily on the Tube, I reached the end of a long working day and was rushing for the train when I realised if I didn't eat NOW I would either be sick or collapse (or both), so I ran into the cafe and grabbed the only sandwich they had left - egg mayo. I then jumped on the Tube train and realised that egg mayo wasn't the most appropriate thing to consume on packed public transport - but yet if I didn't eat I'd vomit..... So I kept the sandwich inside my handbag, snuck of the wrapping off, dipped my head into the handbag and took a surreptitious mouthful.
A large dollop of egg mayo promptly shot out the end of the sandwich and onto the suited leg of the business man rammed up against me.
Oh. Help.
This was almost as embarrassing as the time I opened a bottle of 'shaken up Coke' on the Tube just after September 11th and the soft popping noise followed by violent hissing caused people to fall to the floor and scream.
Anyway, the man looked down at his newly soiled leg and recoiled in horror.
I stayed very still, daring not to even swallow the evidence.
The man started to look, searchingly, at his fellow commuters.
My heart began to thud and I quickly formulated a plan that, if caught I'd inform him I was diabetic and it was a case of 'egg mayo or fall into a coma' (not that egg mayo is a particularly likely choice for a diabetic in trouble but hey ho, I hoped he wasn't a doctor).
He began to search more and more, all the time looking more and more furious (and who could blame him).
I bailed ou at the next station and stood, panting, on the platform swearing that I would never again get involved with egg mayo in a public place.
Clearly I should have taken my own advice....


  1. Well, I think it serves Sainsburys right for not having a cafe on ground level lol, Hope your Dad is comfortable
    Tilly x

  2. Exactly what I was thinking, Tilly. How daft to put food up on high - it's just asking for trouble. lol at the poor man with the eggy leg. I'd have been mortified. Plus everyone thinks someone's farted when someone eats an egg sandwich in public, don't they? I love them but I'll only eat them in private. But then I'll fart with abandon. How odd.

  3. Is it 'too soon' to laugh about the coke incident from that date somewhere around Sept.11th?

    Agreed - a café on the mezzanine level (one that is positioned over a newspaper stand AND sells suspiciously bird-poo-consistency egg mayo) is asking for trouble.

  4. High up church choir balconies were fabulous places to drop things. We used to gather all our fluff from our cardigans when we did weddings and even managed to get the groom once. Never managed to bag a bride. Heavy hymn books from a great height were always a laugh.

    Never thought of egg mayonnaise. That would have made a great corsage for the bride's mother.